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Oracle Recruiting Cloud Training Institute in KPHB

Oracle Recruiting Cloud is a cloud-based recruitment management system that helps organisations streamline their recruitment processes. Oracle Recruiting Cloud Training Institute in KPHB provides training on a range of features and functionalities that enable recruiters to find, engage, and hire top talent efficiently.

One of the key benefits of Oracle Recruiting Cloud Training is its ability to automate recruitment workflows. This helps to eliminate manual processes, reduce errors, and speed up the recruitment process. With the system, recruiters can easily manage job postings, track candidates, and collaborate with hiring managers and other stakeholders.

Another important feature of Oracle recruiting cloud online training in KPHB is its candidate management capabilities. The system provides a centralised database for storing candidate information, making it easy for recruiters to track candidate progress, communicate with candidates, and schedule interviews. The system also includes tools for candidate sourcing, such as job boards and social media integrations.

About the program:

Oracle Recruiting Cloud provides training resources to help users get up to speed with the system. These training resources are designed to enable users to use the system effectively and make the most of its features and functionalities.

Oracle offers a range of training options for Oracle recruiting cloud classroom training in KPHB, including instructor-led training, virtual training, and self-paced learning. Instructor-led training involves attending a live training session led by an Oracle instructor, either in-person or online. Virtual training involves attending a live training session online, while self-paced learning involves completing training modules at your own pace.

In addition to these training options, Oracle provides a range of learning resources to help users develop their skills and knowledge of Oracle Recruiting Cloud. These resources include training videos, user guides, documentation, and community forums.

How Oracle recruiting cloud can help you:

Oracle Recruiting Cloud Training Institute in KPHB typically after training starts its cloud recruitment process by posting job openings for cloud-related roles on its website, as well as on various job portals and social media platforms. Interested candidates can apply online by submitting their resume and cover letter.

After receiving applications, Oracle will conduct an initial resume screening to determine which candidates meet the minimum requirements for the job. This may involve looking for specific skills, experience, and education that are necessary for the role.

The next step in the process may involve a phone screening interview. During this interview, a recruiter or hiring manager will ask candidates some basic questions to determine their suitability for the role. They may also ask about the candidate’s experience working with cloud technologies.

Key features:

Thorough hands-on training.

Learn the fundamental concepts of the top Oracle cloud training and certification in KPHB.

Our instructors will instruct students on how to implement the innovation for upcoming tasks.

16 hours of lessons led by an instructor.

Towards the finish of the Oracle recruiting cloud course in KPHB, you will be given admittance to online Tests for specific courses. SSB TECH guarantees you an assurance on the particular courses and we issue a course consummation endorsement for a large portion of the courses.

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